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Be Part of the Team

Be part of team UNTAMED in the Arnold Fitness Classic 2022.

Team UNTAMED workout 1

Our first workout is a great test of muscular endurance under fatigue. Do you go hard on the calories or leave yourself enough in the tank to go unbroken on the squats? Time to decide. The workout must be submitted to with your score and video submission by 31st January 2022.


4 Rounds (2 minutes work/1-minute rest)

12 calorie assault bike

6 Bar Muscle-ups

Max Overheads Squats (35kg/40kg/45kg/50kg)


4 Rounds (2 minutes work/1-minute rest)

12 calorie assault bike

6 Pull-ups

Max Overheads Squats (25kg/30kg/35kg/40kg)

The athlete will set a timer for 4 rounds of 2 minutes of work and 1 minute of rest. On 3, 2, 1 go the athlete will start by completing 12 calories on an assault bike. Once completed they will complete 6 bar muscle-ups; strict or kipping are permitted. Once both exercises are completed in the remaining time they will complete as many overhead squats as possible. The overhead squats must be taken from the floor. The first rep can be squat snatched and will count towards your total. Once the two minutes are up the athlete must rest for 1 minute. During the rest, the athlete is responsible for changing their own plates. Should you have any questions, please email or DM us via Instagram. 

To submit your score click here. 

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