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Join us on Thursday 4th February from 7pm when we host our very first fire side chat with Untamed owner Sophia Berreen. She will be joined by our education Ambassadors Hannah Wilson and Laura Cullen from Flow Females Complete Performance.

During this informal discussion you can expect to hear about the impact of the female physiology on training, as well as how to balance your bodies needs with home life, work life and sex life.

Flow Females are working alongside Untamed UK to help lead our community towards a new wave of thinking that takes into consideration the fifth vital sign (menstrual cycle) and how it can be used as an ergogenic aid (performance/health enhancer) since it has the ability to impact more than just the reproductive system.

Since the start of the relationship, Untamed UK owner, Sophia has been actively working with Flow Females to improve the quality of her own training. Balancing a fledgling career as a Fire Fighter, alongside looking after her 9 year old son and running a successful business has meant adaptations have been made to her training. More of which will be explored in the discussion.

To join us on the night by registering below. 

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