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Crossfit Girls in Woods

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Crossfit Girls in Woods

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International Womens Day 2021 

Today we are grateful for all the Women who act with conviction.

Untamed UK are pleased to celebrate women everyday and today on International Womens Day 2021, we are sharing some the ways in which you can empower women within your community and help make a difference. 

1. Validate Self Expression.

Women remain vastly underrepresented in mainstream media. So when fellow females take it upon themselves to share their narrative. Acknowledge the act and celebrate with them.

2. Boost Self-esteem.

Many Women continue to be exposed to negativity and social media has unfortunately made this worse. Mainstream media still appears to correlate self-esteem to beauty and looks. However, it is pleasing that more and more high performing Women are beginning to be recognised not just for what they look like, but what they do. The more we build women up for their achievements, the higher their self worth becomes.

3. Provide a bigger spotlight.

Sometimes you can make a real difference by stepping back and allowing another into the spotlight. Give them center stage when they need it and stand behind them ready to applaud. 

4. Make sure she doesn't need to give a reason.

Too long have Women spent justifying their actions. Let her know she has permission to make the choices she wants to make. The more this happens, the more she will recognise her own worth.

5. Subvert gender norms.

Be a role model. Encourage our young females to be bold and brave. Don't hold girls back from exploring their surroundings. Teach them how to do it a safe and secure manner. 

6. Do not get competitive with other women.

There continues to be overt shaming when it comes to women but all this does is encourage a race to the bottom. Sometimes this may come from a subconscious belief that there are not enough opportunities for everyone. However, the more support you give, the more you will be supported, and that in itself creates opportunity. 

7. Connect each other.

The old saying that you are the sum of your closest company often rings true. Empower each other by introducing people who can further help them grow and improve. 

8. Accept and embrace individuality.

In summary, Empowering women starts with you. Show your support for the women around you by showing them they matter and reminding them of their strength. Changing the narrative for women and seeing real change is a team effort, so share this list with the women in your life, and encourage them to take action.

This is why today we are inviting you to share a story of you at your best, a story of you empowering the women around you and making a real difference in your community. Simply share it on your instagram or facebook story. Tag and include the hashtags #atmybest and #internationalwomensday.

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