• About our programming.

    With expert coaching, personalized guidance, and flexible online access, you'll enjoy a well-rounded workout experience that elevates your performance, boosts your confidence, and nurtures your passion for fitness. Join our thriving, supportive community of like-minded women, where we empower one another, celebrate achievements, and redefine the limits of our athletic potential. Transform your fitness journey with our women's online functional fitness program and conquer your goals together!

  • Why Untamed programming

    Personalised and Women-focused Approach: Our programming is designed specifically for women, taking into account the unique physical needs, goals, and challenges that come with female functional fitness. This tailored approach ensures more effective and faster results compared to generic programming options.

    Comprehensive Training Modules: Our program covers all essential aspects of functional fitness, including strength, gymnastics, and endurance. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded development of your athletic abilities, offering a significant edge over conventional programming options that may only focus on one or two aspects.

    Expert Coaching and Guidance: With our programming, you'll receive guidance from experienced coaches who are well-versed in female functional fitness training. Their expertise will help you avoid common pitfalls, refine your techniques, and optimize your workouts for improved performance and better results.

    Track Progress and Accountability: Our online platform makes it easy to track your progress over time, allowing you to set goals, monitor improvements, and celebrate achievements. This ongoing visibility and accountability play a crucial role in keeping you motivated and committed, which can be harder to achieve with conventional programming options.

    Empowering and Supportive Community: By joining our program, you'll become part of a community of like-minded women, all working towards a common goal of improving their functional fitness performance. This supportive and empowering environment fosters camaraderie, collaboration, and inspiration, helping you stay motivated and engaged throughout your fitness journey.

  • Information on how to register:

    Written by Director, Personal Training, Firefighter and CrossFit Coach, Sophia Berreen. We understand that all women's bodies experience differences during various stages of their cycle. Some may excel during ovulation, while others may face challenges. This is why our program offers adaptable options based on the unique fluctuations each woman experiences.

    While our program isn't prescriptive, it empowers you with choices and independence, giving you the control to select workouts that are best suited to your body's needs at any given time. By providing these adaptable options, our functional fitness program promotes an exceptional, personalized fitness experience unlike any other.

    Join our supportive community of like-minded women and experience the unparalleled benefits of our online functional fitness program that truly understands and caters to the complexities of the female body. Elevate your performance, boost your confidence, and embrace this revolutionary way to exercise with a program that prioritizes you and your body's individual needs.