Flow Females | Our favourite outfits to Power Up and Flow Down


is nothing better than a go to outfit that is ready to support you on your latest workout. In today's blog our ambassadors Flow-Females pick out their favourite outfits for both power up and flow down sessions for the season.

Booty Shorts are a must.

Let's face it ladies, it is officially short season. Whether you are powering up and in need of support and flexibility; or flowing down and in need of comfort, a pair of our essential booty shorts (£31) are a must.

Even better with the warm weather now approaching, you can hang out in a pair of our shorts no matter what activity you are undertaking.

"I just love a pair of booty shorts for a high impact workout. The are supportive without being restrictive and allow me to move how I need to move, no matter what the exercise" Laura Cullen, Flow Females.

Think long sleeves for your flow downs.

It is not that we don't like a short sleeve or a sleeveless tank, but when we are flowing down, there is nothing better than long sleeves. Choose something like our Felicity top for it's effortless comfort, support and style.

And, even though it is spring, it doesn't mean the need for just bright colours. You can check out some of our timeless classics for a more subtle spring look.

"I love this top, it is so comfortable and so soft. Perfect for my flow down feels"

And what about the sports bras?

Our huge range of sports bra's means finding something to fit your power up or flow down is super easy. When powering up, you want high support, customisable fit like our Laura sports bra or Sarah Sports Bra. The additional coverage of both these bra's makes them perfect for high impact workouts like HIIT or running.

When you're flowing down, you can likely focus on our low support but super comfortable range including the Hannah sports bra, or the Helena sports bra.

Let us know your favourite outfit. Visit our instagram @remainuntamed and tag us using the hashtag #remainuntamed so we can share your favourite look.

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