Home workout 10/11

Lockdown 2.0 has now started and we will be posting a daily workout you can try at home. We will have 3 workouts. One with full kit (Barbells/ Rowers etc), one with limited kit (those with dumbells/kettlebells etc) and one with body weight only. You can post the workout you complete in the comments below.

Workout 1

Kit required - Rower/ Assault Bike, Barbell & Dumbells

15 Min AMRAP

21, 15, 9

Power Snatch (50kg/ 30kg)

Burpees over bar

In remaining time Max effort Snatch (Weight x reps)

Workout 2

Kit required - Dumbells or Kettlebells

15 Min AMRAP

30, 20, 10

Alternating DB/KB Snatch

Burpees over object

In remaining time max effort alternating DB GTOH (Reps x Weight)

Workout 3

Kit required - Body weight only

15 Minute AMRAP

100, 75, 50

Air Squats

Burpees or Down Ups

In remaining time complex max effort Jumping Lunges.

So there you go, Lockdown 2.0 Workout 101120. Give it a try and let us know how you do in the comments below.

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Stay safe

Sophia and Roscoe xx


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