Choosing the right sports bra.

According to the latest research carried out by the Shock Absorber Sports Institute (SASI) at Portsmouth University, 9.5 million women in the UK are not supporting their breasts properly when they workout. Could you be one of them?

The average breast weighs between 250 and 300g and any unsupported movement – such as running, crossfit or gym training – causes three-dimensional movement: up-down, in-out, and side-to-side. The SASI research also shows that on average, a woman's breast could move just over 9cm during every movement.

Sports bra support should vary depending on your activity

Why you need a great sports bra?

A good sports bra is designed to completely eliminate unwanted movement. In addition, a good quality bra top will be breathable, sweat-wicking and chafe-free, so you can exercise at any intensity with zero distraction. Finding the perfect match depends primarily on two things - your cup size and the activity you're doing. 

In addition, research as recently as 2015 suggested that wearing the right sports bra can enhance the performance of female athletes. This is achieved through a combination of hormonal changes, reduced discomfort, and concentration.

Finding the right fit.

The band should be snug around your rib cage, but not too tight. If you can fit two fingers between your body and the band (but not more) that's the sign of a good fit. Wide bands tend to be more supportive than narrow bands. Shoulder straps should feel secure and provide minimal stretch to reduce up-and-down movement.

The band that sits at the bottom of the sports bra (and on top of your ribs) should also be a snug fit. A good way to test the fit of your sports bra is to raise both arms above your head and jump up and down. The band at the bottom of the sports bra shouldn’t move during this test. If it does then that’s a sign it’s too big.

Sports bra's are about more than just style.

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