Meet our Wildlings: Harriet Smith

Today we meet Wildling Harriet Smith. Creative Designer, Digital Marketer, Water sport enthusiast, Nutritional coach and Yoga teacher. Harriet typifies the Wildling mentality by inspiring everyone around her with her infectious personality and happy demeanour. More often than not she is accompanied in this mission with her trusty faithful rhodesian ridgeback Levi.

Over the last decade Harriet has explored the practice of Yoga on and off, and, alongside her enthusiasm for being active has spent most of that time head to toe in active wear. I trust you will all agree that someone like Harri really understands what to look for in a sports bra and some shorts.

Harri’s Yoga story really took off over the last few years when she really began to discover her love for it. She believes it has always complimented her existing sporting activities; she likes to CrossFit too, helping her stretch and recover after some of CF's most strenuous workouts. However, during the last few years she has found it has supported her mental health too – helping her destress and unwind during what has been a very intense period of her life.

For those of you who know Harri, herself and her husband recently underwent a period of IVF. During this she was told to cut back on the higher impact exercise that she was so used to doing. This included having a break from her beloved Saturday morning Parkrun. Harri being Harri found this the most difficult as she is a self-confessed fidget. Thus with the lack of activity, she began to see an effect on both her physical and mental health. To combat this lack of activity she began increasing her Yoga practice as she found it helped keep her calm – less frustrated and made her feel active in some form. It would also give her a focus whilst she wasn't currently working.

As someone who will continually shout about the benefits of regular Yoga practice on both the body and mind, and someone who continually sets herself goals, she turned to teaching. This gave her a sense of moving forward when everything seemed to be on hold, and the more and more she realised how complimentary Yoga was to everything else in her life, she wanted to share her new found love, and help others, who perhaps are not your typical yogi’s to enjoy practice and reap the benefits it has to offer.

“I love that really teaches you to get in tune with your body - in practice your focus is purely on you, the print moment and how your body feel or responds to the movements.

In her own words Harriet says “I love that Yoga really teaches you to get in tune with your body - in practice your focus is purely on you and how your body feels or responds to the movements. I think as I became more in tune with my body, I also became kinder on my self - listening to what I needed right then, rather than letting my ego get the better of me! I also love that your practice can be as hard or slow as you like - someday I like to push my limits, test my strength and ability, whereas others my body just needs some TLC.”

Of course, in order to get the best our of your Yoga practice. You need a strong, durable, supportive activewear that also looks and feels great.

Harriet first came across Untamed through friends at her local CrossFit box. She was first attracted to the 'Root' booty shorts (it's rare Harriet will wear anything else) and the Sophia sports bra and is delighted with her purchases so far, also highlighting the Helena sports bra model as another of her favourites as it is very comfortable for her Yoga practice. She is keen to point out that anyone who has yet to experience Untamed apparel that the quality and feel of the products is exemplary but yet affordable when compared to some similar brands. She also likes to highlight that the designs of the products have been well thought out as the team here understand how the body moves during workouts and that the booty shorts don’t ride up or slip down, something every girl looks. She already is keen to recommend them to her students, friends and family.

You can find out more about Harriet’s story by checking out her website

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