Meet our Wildlings: Ellis Larson

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Meeting the Wildlings : Ellis Larson

If you've never heard of the CrossFit Open, you're about to. That's because the annual tournament-which has been dubbed the largest fitness competition on Earth has recently kicked off. Now due to this, Untamed HQ has been pretty busy this past week. Shipping orders daily to our newest 'Wildlings' around the UK to ensure they are kitted out for the next workout.

One of those 'Wildlings' is Ellis Larson. Based in Surrey, Ellis is an Embryologist, which i'm sure you all agree is a wicked career. She has always been active, with a background in karate, dance and competitive cheerleading which makes her truly 'untamed' as far as we are concerned.

Ellis is always wearing untamed for her Crossfit workouts. Over the past two weeks we have seen her in a variety of outfits, each looking super awesome and giving her the edge to excel at the workouts without the need to worry about her apparel letting her down.

She started her CrossFit journey is October 2017 at CrossFit Camberley and immediately knew this was the style of training for her. She thoroughly enjoys the slightly competitive nature of the workouts, and with her background has been able to adapt quickly to learning the movements that come with CrossFit. She is keen to mention that she wishes she had found this sooner.

Having met some of her closest friends through CrossFit, she loves that everyone shares the same passion for training, improving fitness, and healthy competition. She also enjoys the fact that this particular group of friends are just as active outside the box.

" I love the encouraging nature of the sport and how supportive the community is in helping others to achieve their goals. We all have our own standards and achievements and it’s great to recognise this."

She is pleased with how her open is going so far. She has twice finished top 3 in our 'Wildlings' leaderboard meaning she has taken home some fantastic prizes so far. As her third open she is pleased with the progress she has made and enjoys testing her own physical and mental capabilities (she went very much to a dark place during 20point1).

As one of our early 'Wildlings' she first came across Untamed uk through her friends at CrossFit. She liked the look of the products and quickly placed her first (of many) orders. She likes the colours, the feel and the fit, and plans on adding to her collection in the near future. In particular Ellis is a big fan of our high rise booty shorts. She has then in both Forest Green and Wild Berry (we are still unsure why she hasn't bought the black ones).

We are delighted to have a 'Wildling' like Ellis supporting Untamed. She truly represents the ethos of our brand as a powerful, strong, independent women who is comfortable leading from the front or running with the pack. A prime example of what any girl can become if they are prepared to do the work.


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