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All this week we are celebrating International Women's Day which takes place this Saturday by introducing you to some of the ladies who have inspired the names of our garments. The ladies we will discuss have supported us in our journey so far and continue to be there when we need them. This gives us the drive and determination to grow Untamed every day with the thought that one day our story will inspire others....

Harri modelling our original concept Charlie Sports Bra

'The Harri'

Harriet (or Harri) as we call her has always been an active person. She has been involved in Untamed since the very beginning often advising on fit, materials and colours (she loves turquoise). She started using the gym around the age of 16, enjoying group fitness classes and swimming. However, Harri is extremely outdoorsy. In the summer month she would much rather be outside wakeboarding, running, paddle boarding or even just riding her bike. However, since discovering CrossFit she has blossomed into an all round awesome athlete. Despite needing to take it easy for a while she has come back stronger, fitter and faster than ever and she inspires us everyday with her ability to juggle the many strings she has to her bow (she is a kick ass marketeer and a self confessed Yogi).

Today we ask Harri about what inspires her, and if she could go back, what advice would she give her 10 year old self.

Firstly Harri, what inspires you?

"All the girls and guys at Crossfit Camberley who have pushed me through the last legs of a WOD, encouraged me to keep going. My coach, I follow a program and also do PT every other week with him so it would be rude not to mention him. He shows me tough love, always encouraging me to do better, but also helping me get the basics nailed first so I can achieve better things. Last but certainly not least, My husband James, (we love James too) I don’t think I will ever be able to keep up with him in any sport - I always feel like I am chasing his tail. but he keeps me on my toes, inspires me to keep going, and without knowing gives me a target to aim for (even though he will probably move that target just as I get close a bit higher!)"

*Note... she forgot to mention her Dog Levi... he is awesome :-)

What advice would you give your 10 year old self?

"Enjoy being a child! You have all your life to grow up. Ignore the girls at school who are already hung up on fashion and make up, follow your heart, try more sports, focus on you and your passions. Don’t worry about any one else. Just do you."

Keep checking out our blog this week as we meet more of the ladies who have inspired us as we find out what inspires them.

Harri wearing Capri leggings in stone with the Marie Sports Bra



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