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Another of our inspirations who has come so far on their fitness journey this year is Kelly Folland. Kick ass business women, CrossFitter and Mother. Kelly regularly manages to juggle her weekly lifestyle and has even been found in the gym as early as 5am!! Whilst this is massively inspiring to us, I'm not sure you will ever find us in the gym that early.

Kelly post CrossFit Open workout.

'The Kelly'

Kelly has always been active, having completed in several half marathons and finally the London Marathon in 2018. She was also an avid spinner, regularly attending up the 5 classes every week. However, finally being uninspired at conventional gyms she decided to join CrossFit in 2017. She confesses that CrossFit gives her the drive, motivation and inspiration to keep pushing herself physically to be the best she can be. She also enjoys the fact it has introduced her to a real community of amazing like-minded people that encourage, support and motivate each other.

Today we ask Kelly about what inspires them both, and if they could go back, what advice would they give their 10 years old selves.

So Kelly, what inspires you?

I am inspired every day by the people that turn up... whatever they have going on, to take part, join in and get involved - whatever the activity. I am inspired by Women who encourage other Women to be brave, strong and fearless.. because that is what we all want to be.

Definitely my Children! And my sister of course!

What advice would you both give to your 10 year old selves?

Everything you want is out there, but you have to work hard and go get it, don't wait for others to approve or give it to you. Nothing is impossible so follow your dreams.

Keep checking out our blog into next week as we meet more of the ladies who have inspired us as we find out what inspires them.



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