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Updated: Mar 9

This year we have been so pleased to see sisters Becci Logan & Sarah Edge (nee Logan) come so far on their fitness journeys. We were delighted to be in attendance to see them compete side by side at The Rainhill Trials late last year. Inspiration like this gives us the drive and determination to grow Untamed every day with the thought that one day our story will inspire others. Today our inspirations behind the Logan sports bra let us know what inspires them.

'The Logan'

Becci's fitness story started back following her graduation from University and despite turning up for her first session and wanting to leave, she stuck with it, becoming an integral member of the 6am crew of early risers. Subsequently, Becci's own story further inspired her sister Sarah. She self proclaims that following the birth of her two beautiful children she wasn't in the best shape and was struggling to get rid of it. However, following in her sisters footsteps she took the brave leap of trying out CrossFit for the first time. She is now 3 stone down and has now begun to put that fitness to good use by regularly competing in competitions often alongside her sister!

Today we ask Becci & Sarah about what inspires them both, and if they could go back, what advice would they give their 10 years old selves.

Firstly Becci, what inspires you?

I have so many amazing males and females in my life who continue to inspire me. They all have their own shit going on but still find the time to support and encourage others. I'm grateful to the owner of the box for building such a great community. I'm in awe of my sister Srah and so proud of how far she's come on her fitness journey.

And Sarah, how about you?

Definitely my Children! And my sister of course!

What advice would you both give to your 10 year old selves?

Becci "Not everyone is going to like you and that's ok, so be unapologetically you!"

Sarah "Hmmm not sure!! Prob just have a focus and if you set your mind on it you can achieve anything!!"

Keep checking out our blog into next week as we meet more of the ladies who have inspired us as we find out what inspires them.

Becci and Sarah joining others on our recent photoshoot



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