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All this week we are celebrating International Women's Day which takes place this Saturday by introducing you to some of the ladies who have inspired the names of our garments. The ladies we will discuss have supported us in our journey so far and continue to be there when we need them. This gives us the drive and determination to grow Untamed every day with the thought that one day our story will inspire others....

Lottie during the CrossFit Open

'The Lottie'

Lottie confirms she has been into fitness all of her life. She was regularly involved in everyday sports at school before moving into gymnastics and athletics. After university she also discovered a love of weightlifting. Lottie has been a member of CrossFit Camberley for a few years now and she has continued to improve week after week. She has involved herself in many competitions, regularly competing with her preferred partner Kym and together they have simply crushed it! Lottie is so inspiring to us as she continues to improve herself and support all the girls around her. She is also one of our best customers :-).

Today we ask Lottie about what inspires her, and if she could go back, what advice would she give her 10 year old self.

Firstly Lottie, what inspires you?

"I'd have to give a shout out to my Year 3 teachers Mrs Eyles here for encouraging my take up of sports at a young age - the phrase 'starting them young' is definitely true! Now, it's the people I have around me and particularly those who I train with. Watching them push themselves to achieve their goals inspires me to have that level of perseverance and dedication too. There's no better feeling when you reach those goals and you all celebrate together!"

What advice would you give your 10 year old self?

"Always live in the moment. It's scary how quickly time goes when you're older and I wish I could appreciate being young and carefree for a little longer."

Keep checking out our blog this week as we meet more of the ladies who have inspired us as we find out what inspires them.

Lottie modelling our Capri leggings and Ellie tank top.



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