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All this week we are celebrating International Women's Day which takes place this Saturday by introducing you to some of the ladies who have inspired the names of our garments. The ladies we will discuss have supported us in our journey so far and continue to be there when we need them. This gives us the drive and determination to grow Untamed every day with the thought that one day our story will inspire others....

Mercedes modelling our Capri leggings and Lottie Sports Bra

'The Mercedes'

Mercedes was a late starter on her fitness journey. She confesses that she wasn't particularly sporty in her youth. She didn't like the gym, had never attempted a pull up and didn't have a clue when it came to picking up a barbell or skipping rope. However, whilst she was on her final placement year at university is 2014/15 her 45 year old mum (also not a typical gym goer) introduced her to CrossFit. Over the years despite her fear of competing, Mercedes has stepped up and supported many other box members in competing in their first competitions. This makes her one of the strongest and most supportive girls in the box and many members regularly comment on how Mercedes as inspired them over the years. Whilst she in turn has her mum to thank for the inspiration in getting into CrossFit in the first place.

Today we ask Mercedes about what inspires her, and if she could go back, what advice would she give her 10 year old self.

Firstly Mercedes, what inspires you?

"I'm constantly in awe of the people I'm surrounded by in the gym everyday. It's hard not to be inspired by some of the strong girls who push me to be better every day and can do incredible things I look up to with the utmost admiration! The true inspiration comes from watching the girls I train with start to really believe in themselves and push themselves out of their comfort zone. It really is an honour to witness their fitness journey and sometimes be part of it. It's inspiring to see the progress they make and the transformation in their confidence and this pushes me to try and do the same."

What advice would you give your 10 year old self?

"I would tell my 10 year old self to have the confidence to try new things. From an early age I felt like the only thing I had going for me was my academic success. I wasn't creative or sporty and I didn't really have any hobbies. So I would tell myself that it's okay to fail and okay not to be good at things and to live a little! To ultimately be more adventurous because there are more important things to experience in life than acing every exam. You will still be successful but have more fun along the way!"

Keep checking out our blog this week as we meet more of the ladies who have inspired us as we find out what inspires them.

Mercedes modelling our Root Booty Shorts and Ellie Tank Top



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