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She saved my life because she listened.

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

For those living with an autoimmune disease, they can often experience symptoms they may pass off as stress, overwork or overtraining. In addition, they may feel there is also a lack of understanding amongst those closest to them and an unwillingness to learn about their illness. This can create a sense of rejection, which can lead to increased feelings of isolation and loneliness.

When a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease is made, there can be a flood of emotions. While there may be relief that it has finally been confirmed, there can also be a feeling that the individual has lost their identity or are now defined by their disease. Today we talk to Sophie about her experience of discovering her autoimmune disease and her journey beyond the diagnosis.

When Sophie thinks back. The symptoms make sense. Although it was nearly 26 months before a diagnosis was received.

"The first actual symptom that I can now attribute to the thyroid problem was hip pain."