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Ten gifts for Christmas.

December is upon us, and it's time to sort those gifts for all. We all know that shopping with small businesses is far superior to shopping with big corporations, so here we have a list of our Top 10 items you can gift in this festive season!

No. 1: Sarah Sports Bra

The Sarah sports bra is priced at £32 and is perfect for those high-impact workouts. The Sarah comes in two different colours and has a three-clasp back offering complete support for chests sized A-E!

No. 2: Original Leggings Black Night

The Original leggings come in various colours; however, black is a favourite due to their versatility. They support your performance whilst also being incredibly comfortable. These leggings can be worn for working out or a night out! They’re squat-proof and figure-hugging, making you look both powerful and elegant simultaneously. These leggings are £42.

No. 3: Harri Cropped Tank

The Harri is a flattering cropped tank that doesn’t get in the way of your movements. It’s super soft and breathable. Try some handstands in the Harri, and you won’t have to worry about your top covering your eyes! The Harri has a halterneck fit and tapered body priced at £24.

No. 4: Super High Waist Maternity Leggings

If you know any Mummas-to-be, then these maternity leggings are a must. They protect the bump and have a super stretchy belly panel to support you up to birth and during that fourth trimester too! These leggings are smart enough to be worn in more formal settings and during your workout. For £49, you won’t want to take these bad boys off!

No. 5: Gift card

Maybe you know someone into fitness but are not sure you could confidently pick them a look… fear not, as we have gift cards! Gift someone some money towards an outfit and let them choose from our range of leggings, shorts, tanks, tee shirts, hoodies and bras!

No. 6: Capri High Waist Leggings Temptress

The Capri leggings are cut just below the knee but benefit from a high waistband and are priced at £39. The beautiful Temptress colour will make your gym outfit look even more stylish, even if the double-unders aren’t going your way today… you’ll still look great trying!

No. 7: Chantelle Tee

The Chantelle Tee is super soft and comes in two colours. The sleeves carefully cup your arms whilst the body is a relaxed fit. The Chantelle is another versatile product that doesn’t need to be saved purely for the gym but can be worn for all occasions. The Chantelle is lightweight and priced at £25.

No. 8: Lorna Tank Top

The Lorna is a long sleeve tank top needed for these colder days. The tank contours around the body and sits perfectly on the waist. The Lorna is made from soft material, comes in two different colours and is priced at £23 - this one is undoubtedly a winner as the temperature continues to drop!

No. 9: High Waist 6-inch workout shorts

Although the thought of shorts right now might send a shiver down your spine, these high-waist shorts are perfect for when you get a little warm! The 6-inch length gives you more coverage than our 3-inch booty shorts yet allows ample movement during your training session. For £31, you get breathable fabric and a choice of two colours.

No. 10: Artemis asymmetrical sports bra Red

Finally, the Artemis asymmetrical bra is priced at £37. This is one of our best-selling designs due to its striking appearance. The one-shoulder, open-front cut means you can wear this bra under a tank or own its boldness and wear it solo. Artemis was a huntress of a goddess, so you can bring your inner fighter out with this bra.

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