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The Artemis collection

No matter what your choice of exercise this Autumn, our latest collection [released Sept 2022] offers a variety of comforts, support and style. In today's article, Product and Style writer Natalie McGuiness looks at our latest collection, including the features and benefits of various items.

We are introducing the Artemis collection.

Artemis is the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, vegetation, chastity and childbirth; she is a strong female presence to the very core. The Untamed Artemis collection embraces this strength while keeping you feeling and looking powerful. Our athletes have tried and approved all items; they emulate Artemis' energy pushing their potential beyond limits, so you're in safe hands with the following collection.

Tank Tops for in and out of the gym.

The first item in the Artemis collection is the Tank Top in Smoke or Berry. This cropped tank is buttery soft and made with a sweat-wicking blend to keep you cool during those workouts. Cut to show off those shoulders, this tank pairs beautifully with the Artemis sports bras.

We have delivered sports Bras for both comfort and style.

Two different cuts for the sports bra, but both offer support and are incredibly flattering when worn. Again made with sweat-wicking material, these bras are the perfect addition to your workout outfit and can be layered up or worn solo as a statement piece.

Our high-performance leggings are for all.

The Artemis collection includes three styles of performance-focused leggings to suit all needs. First, there are super high-waisted leggings in Black or Berry. With a 13cm waistband and made with a four-way stretch material, these leggings will support you in pushing your limits during your training. In addition, we have a "tall" version of the leggings. These leggings provide further comfort and support for athletes over 5ft 10 or more.

There's also the Perform legging in Stone. These leggings have an anti-slip waistband, so you won't have to worry about movement during those higher-intensity workouts. Like all our leggings, they're also squat-proof, so you only need to focus on adding more weight to that squat rather than embarrassing mishaps!

Finally, there are the Artemis Capri leggings. These leggings sit just below the knee and offer a high waistband. These are incredibly smooth and breathable, supporting you through the wildest workouts.

Booty shorts are out, and 6-inch shorts are back.

The final items in the Artemis collection include the six-inch shorts in Berry or Stone. Our Artemis shorts have a high waistband that stays put during movement and sits around mid-thigh, protecting you during those cleans and snatches! The colours pair perfectly with our Artemis tank and bras, meaning you can create a powerful look from this collection.

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