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The top 3 throwdown's you should try this year?

Competitions have officially returned following years of disruption due to Covid-19. However, if you have been taking time to fine-tune your skills during lockdown. It may be time to test yourself in competition.

There are many competitions to choose from. Including both local throwdown's and national competitions. Which one you attend is really up to what you want to get out of the competition.

For some, it is the taking part that counts. Testing you against you is what is most important. However, for others, podiums are what matters. You want to test yourself against the best and the only way to do that is to

Getting yourself ready for competition is important. Firstly, look at the standards of the competition. Ensure that you can complete the movements comfortably and at volume. If you have only got 1-2 pull-ups then don't be afraid to look at a competition with scaled options.

Today we take a look at our Top 5 UK-based throwdowns and ones we recommend you should try.

The Rainhill Trials

Run by the team from Train Manchester this event was founded back in 2013 and has been consistently growing for the last 9 years. You don't need to qualify for the event but due to overwhelming support you do need to secure a place via ballot.

This event is perfect for beginners and seasoned athletes. The seeding system ensures you are competing with similar standard individuals. The movement standards are very suitable at all levels allowing you to push yourself beyond what you thought you might be capable of. Finally, The seeding WODs are pretty standard, ensuring the organizers get an all-round sense of your ability.

In terms of the event, it is split across two days. Meaning if quite a few of you are taking part and are in different groups you can really make a weekend of it. The venue is easy and accessible from all reaches of the country, and Manchester has a booming nightlife if you're staying over.

If you would like to learn more about the Rainhill Trials and their future events click here.

Strength In Depth Origins

Strength In Depth origins is a fantastic team event entered via a 3-month online qualification. Teams consist of 12 athletes in total, combining 7 males, 5 females including a master’s athlete of each sex. One master must be 40+ and the other 35+. The combined age of the master’s athletes must be at least 75.

It incorporates a wide variety of tests including running and swimming. In addition, the large team size makes it a real community event

Whilst this event is generally for more experienced athletes it can be a great way for someone who may have the skills required but has yet to compete. Getting involved with a team can ensure you both test yourself and have a great time doing so.

Last year's event took place at the University of Bath which has a legacy of producing great sportspeople. If you would like to learn more about Strength in Depth click here.

Battle for Middle Ground

BFMG is a fitness series that was recently accredited by Crossfit©. Two of the major events (March Mayhem and Ragnorock) have recently moved to the East of England Arena, near Peterborough.

Ran by the charismatic Richard Hornsey the events are well planned with great workouts, a variety of kit and fantastic production. In addition, there are lots of options for both pairs and teams as well as elite, RX and scaled.

Why not try and compete this year?

Taking part in a throwdown is an amazing experience for many. Testing your cardiovascular fitness, strength, power and speed against yourself and others can provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

Competitions are attended by like-minded individuals who are often part of a much wider community. This means that whatever your standard, you will be well supported by a group of people who simply share what you are experiencing.

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