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Why anti-slip leggings make a difference in competition.

The new CrossFit season is now underway following the launch of the 2022 open. Additionally with the UK's Strength In Depth being chosen as a semi-final location, getting back on the competition floor is likely to be at the front of everyone's minds.

Over the last few years and having listened to feedback listened to the feedback it was apparent that for those who were actively competing, quality activewear was high up the list of priorities when it came to their preparation.

In recent weeks, Team UNTAMED have been taking the time to try some new anti-slip, anti-snag leggings and today we are pleased to discuss how these leggings can really make a difference to both your training and your competitions.

Firstly, it is important to point out that due to the fluidity of high-intensity workouts with multiple movements, there is a much lower reliance to "hoike" them up between sets. This can save crucial seconds when you are completing a workout like "Diane."

In addition, they are still super lightweight and unrestrictive, like our best selling Essential leggings. So they still very much feel like an UNTAMED legging. Although, they are still less likely to snag on equipment, thus providing more longevity.

We also find they complement our super tall and super high rise, but the style means they sit slightly lower. Moreover, we have gone for a seamless design which we believe provides a better fit and feel.

Our new anti-slip, anti-snag leggings are now available in 4 sizes and 4 colours including black, navy, ivory and green. Click here to order now.

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