Why we won't be partaking in 'Black Friday' promotions

It is that time of the year again when the UK goes crazy for the 'amazon' inspired #blackfriday promotions.

Unfortunately, Frenzied price-slashing is so ubiquitous that it has become incredibly difficult for all but the largest sports wear brands to make Black Friday cost effective. It has also created the kind of feverish atmosphere where some brands appear to completely lose all sense of perspective. Whilst you will no doubt see the likes of Gymshark, Nike, Under Armour offering as little as £10 for a pair of leggings, we, however, will not.

Our black 'Root' leggings paired with our black 'Ellie'

There are a couple of reasons why. If you want to find out more feel free to read on.

Firstly, we believe in the quality of our product and as such we believe that we price fairly. If we could price a pair of our leggings at £10 we would do so all year round, not just on a few days a year. Like any fledgling company, we are investing everything we make back into new products, new colours and new materials. That way we can continue to bring you what we believe is the very best in high quality fitness apparel.

Our black 'Harri'

Secondly, our current ethos is about being close to our customer (or Wildlings) as we continue to call them. We believe that in order to remain truly customer centric that we must ensure transparency with our pricing. You definitely don't want to be standing next to someone in the same pair of leggings having paid 70% less just because you bought them at a different time of the year.

So with this in mind, this year we will donate 25% off all profits of our 'black' apparel (leggings, tee's, sports bra's) during the #blackfriday weekend to MIND, the mental health charity.

Sophia & Roscoe xx


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