Women's wave watch series: Wave 1

By Flowfemales complete performance

This is the first knowledge drop in your Women’s Wave Watch series. Gaining an understanding of what is happening under the surface of the human body is paramount to making better educated choices for your health which promotes that ripple effect across your performance outcome in training, your lifestyle, your sleep patterns, your relationships etc What we do know is that women are designed to procreate. In order for this to happen we cycle through 4 distinct phases across 21-40 days experiencing hormonal waves driven by the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, FSH and LH which by design build the body up and then break the body down. These daily, weekly and monthly wave frequencies have a huge bearing on how we feel energetically and emotionally. Yes these natural sex hormones influence fertility but fertility motives aside they also impact and influence many other significant systems within the body. Unfortunately we have never been educated on the depths of these impacts...until now. It’s time to start watching out for your waves, they have so much feedback for you. During the Follicular phase ( phase 1)  of each unique menstrual cycle (Usually day 1- 14, depending on individual cycle length ) the sex hormone Estrogen alongside FSH ( follicle stimulating hormone ) builds the body up by stimulating the uterus lining to grow and thicken as well as maturation of the egg which produces more and more estradiol as it matures. We now understand for the reproductive system to perform in the way that it is designed estrogen plays a vital role. What we haven’t understood due to lack of education surrounding the female physiology, is the fact that estrogen also plays a vital role in our bone health, brain health and cardiovascular health. Learn more in our next "women’s wave watch series" or you can flow over to for further education, empowerment and support surrounding all things female health, performance and body composition related. Laura & Hannah


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