Introducing the Kali Collection: The Ultimate Activewear for Champions

Introducing the Kali Collection: The Ultimate Activewear for Champions

We are thrilled to present our latest activewear line, the Kali Collection. Inspired by strong, fierce women and named after the warrior goddess in Hindu mythology, this collection celebrates the spirit of determination, strength, and empowerment. The Kali Collection was designed with one goal in mind: to create the perfect activewear for women who aspire to conquer every challenge like true champions. This prestigious collection has gained the spotlight as the choice of attire for our winning team at the recent Arnold Fitness Games held at the NEC arena in Birmingham.

Aella Sports Bra (SKU: AELLA-CFSB01)

The collection kicks off with the Aella Sports Bra, which combines a sleek, timeless design with sultry style. It offers exceptional support and comfort for CrossFit athletes looking to enhance their performance.

Katniss Ribbed Tank Top (SKU: KATNSS-CFRT01)

Our Katniss Ribbed Tank Top is designed to provide optimal freedom of movement while ensuring support and the ultimate fashionable look for the active woman. It's tailored for strong and fierce athletes aiming to make the most of their CrossFit workouts.

Valentina Sports Bra (SKU: VALEN-SFAB01)

The Valentina Sports Bra turns heads with its unique asymmetrical design. It's perfect for women who want to blend form and function in their CrossFit activewear. Expect to enjoy ultimate support and sexy style during even the most demanding workouts.

Victoria Sports Bra (SKU: VCTRA-SFHB01)

A high-impact sports bra with a perfect blend of style, support, and custom-fit comfort. The Victoria Sports Bra features an adjustable clasp back and breathable mesh straps, which makes it the ideal choice for tackling intense CrossFit workouts.

Tyra Sports Bra (SKU: TYRA-SFZC01)

Our Tyra Sports Bra features a zip-up front, an open back, and an adjustable clasp back for a custom fit. This unique design ensures that you enjoy both style and unparalleled comfort during your CrossFit sessions.

Melanie Tank Top (SKU: MELTT-STL01)

The Melanie Tank Top is a sleek, supportive, and comfortable piece of activewear that combines style, a high neckline, and a body-contouring fit. It offers maximum movement and is perfect for CrossFit enthusiasts.

V-Contour 7/8th Seamless Leggings (SKU: VCTLR-78SL01)

Last but not least, the V-Contour 7/8th Seamless Leggings fuse elegance, style, and performance. These leggings accentuate your body shape while providing core support and unrestricted movement, making them the perfect choice for workouts and athleisure wear.

Our Kali Collection is designed to amplify the confidence, determination, and ambitious spirit of empowered women. The collection's seamless blend of style and performance makes it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to look and feel their best – whether it's at the gym or during everyday activities. Experience the quality, strength, and sophistication of the Kali Collection, and become a part of our ever-growing community of champions.

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