• About the games.

    The UNTAMED Games is a female-only functional fitness competition where teams of three athletes challenge themselves through a series of intense and engaging workouts. Following the CrossFit style, this event empowers women by fostering physical and mental strength and celebrating their collective resilience, endurance, and athleticism. Taking place at Gain Line, the Home of CrossFit Ascot.

  • Who is it for and the different divisions?

    The UNTAMED Games is designed for female athletes of various ages and skill levels. There are different divisions to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to participate and showcase their abilities:

    Scaled: For those new to functional fitness or CrossFit, the beginner division offers a friendly introduction to the world of competitive fitness.

    Intermediate: For experienced athletes who have a strong foundation in functional fitness but have not yet reached elite levels.

    RX: For athletes who excel in functional fitness and want to compete against the best.

  • Information on how to register:

    Registration for the upcoming UNTAMED Games on 7th July 2024 is now open. To secure your team's spot in the event, follow these simple steps:

    Click on "Register" in the main menu.

    Complete the registration form with your team and personal details.

    Choose your division (Scaled, Intermediate, RX)

    Pay the registration fee online.

    Receive a confirmation email with further information regarding the event and competition rules.

    Get ready to unleash your inner athlete, connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts, and empower each other at the UNTAMED Games 2024!

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