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Victoria Sports Bra

Victoria Sports Bra

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Introducing the Victoria Sports Bra: a high-impact activewear piece designed to provide exceptional support, superior fit, and stylish comfort for fierce CrossFit athletes. Featuring an adjustable clasp back for a customized fit and mesh straps for a cooling effect, the Victoria Sports Bra is your perfect companion to tackle even the most challenging workouts.

Constructed with premium, moisture-wicking fabric, the Victoria Sports Bra ensures optimum breathability and comfort throughout your CrossFit sessions. The clasp back allows you to effortlessly adapt the bra to your unique contours, while the airy mesh straps offer crucial ventilation to keep your skin cool and dry even during high-intensity training.

Upgrade your CrossFit activewear collection with the Victoria Sports Bra, meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between performance-boosting support, customizable fit, and unparalleled comfort.

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